Kimberly Clark In-Sight Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser

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Kimberly Clark In-Sight Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser, 8" diameter roll, Smoke BLK.

-You can choose how to dispense: switch modes to have a hidden towel (dispenses when the sensor is activated) or an exposed towel (the next one dispenses when the first one is torn away)

-The sheet length is adjustable, so you're in control of how much towel is given per use. This allows you to reduce waste and conserve the roll.

-This electronic, touchless dispenser is high capacity, so you can use it in even the most high traffic environments.

-The electric wall mount dispenser measures 12.63" x 16.13" x 10.2", is battery powered and is even quieter than the enMotion dispenser and the Tork Intuition System.